Proven Service to our Children, Citizens, & Community

At the age of 17, I choose law enforcement as a career to follow in the footsteps of my father who served as a New York City Police Officer, who retired in the early 1970’s on disability. I have had the honor of serving the great citizens in the State of New York, the State of Florida, City of Crystal River and Citrus County as a career law enforcement officer for over three decades. During my law enforcement career, I have put my life on the line each day, protecting the lives of our children, our citizens and our community, while working in the most challenging and stressful patrol, investigative and undercover assignments.

I began serving the in the law enforcement profession in1978 as a Sheriff’s cadet moving through the ranks from the position of Captain and Advisor to the Cadets. As a leader of this group I had responsibility of scheduling and training of the unit, instructing various law enforcement courses, mentoring of our school children on the effects of alcohol and drugs, assisting the community affairs division in presenting programs such as bicycle registration, burglary awareness, crime prevention, neighborhood watch etc. After volunteering 4-12 hours a day I attended college at night to earn my criminal justice degree. I continued to further my career in the law enforcement profession as a communications and Corrections officer, while still advising the Sheriff’s Cadet’s, retiring in 2013 after serving over three decades in law enforcement.

Wanting to be a part of the best, I was hired by the City of New York in 1984 to attend the New York City Police Academy, the most prestigious, demanding and honored institution in the country. After graduation, I was assigned to the housing project areas of east New York in the Borough of Brooklyn, considered to be the highest robbery area in the City of New York.

Over the course of my three decades of civilian law enforcement, I have had many rewarding assignments. These assignments include that of Deputy Sheriff, Community Resource Officer, Patrol Officer, Patrol Corporal, Detective, Detective Sergeant, Drug task Force Sergeant, Lieutenant and Support Services Commander.

As a lead instructor and subject matter expert at what is now known as the Central Florida College and Withlacoochee Technical College I have trained hundreds of officers on narcotic investigation and identification so that drug investigations are properly investigated, the criminal arrest and how to properly prepare a case for prosecution. As a subject matter expert as determined by the Florida Department of law enforcement I played a critical role in the development of the State of Florida law enforcement and narcotic instruction curriculum taught to thousands of police officers throughout the state for certification to work as law enforcement officers. I have trained thousands of law enforcement officers throughout our state on survival tactics and techniques, undercover operations, incident command, firearms, defensive tactics, community policing and numerous other law enforcement topics.

During my tenure in serving my community here in Citrus County I earned the respect of my Chief Law Enforcement Executives, my supervisors, my peers and the community I served. Each time I was reassigned or promoted, I excelled in my responsibilities and put the priorities of our children, our citizens and community first as well as the safety and survival foremost in the minds of my officers.

I have worked in relatively every aspect of law enforcement to include the position of Communications Officer, Corrections Officer, Police Officer-(NYCHPD), Patrol Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Community Resource Officer, Patrol Corporal, Training coordinator, Firearms and high liability instructor, Detective, Patrol Sergeant, Sergeant- Special Investigations Unit (Drug Task Force), Custom Officer- (Blue Lightening Strike Force), Detective Sergeant  and Support Services Lieutenant.

As a person who has worked for, with and has shown empathy for all, treating everyone fair and with respect, and being firm and non-discriminatory in making my decisions with those I encountered, I gained respect from my community in who I had contact with.  These personal attributes, my over thirty years of law enforcement experience, my training and leadership in the positions that I have held and my proven dedication to the citizens of Citrus County, without a doubt makes me the most qualified candidate to be the next Sheriff of Citrus County.

Of all the candidates running for this extremely important position, I am without question the only candidate that has served the people of Crystal River and Citrus County for three decades. I have proven my dedication and commitment to protecting our children, our citizens and our community, here at home in Citrus County and can put claim to being the only Sheriff’s candidate who has resided in, actually worked for our children, our citizens and our community in Citrus County for three decades on a one to one basis, solving the many issues that affect them, while keeping our children, our citizens and community safe.

I know what our law enforcement officers’ need in our county and I know how to help them achieve their needs, I been there.  I spearheaded and brought in a Police Union to an agency where no weapon was the same, the police cars were antique, police radios were held together by tape and rubber bands, the wages were horrible, and training was non-existent. In the end our agency had the best weapons, new vehicles, well skilled officers, upgraded communications and computers, while raising the training to the highest standards and obtaining the best wages in the tri-county area for our officers and protection of their rights according to state statute. Grants that I had written and obtained help pay for the increase of our community policing efforts, a civilian volunteer program and provided new equipment to include less than lethal and tactical weapons.

Proven Commitment to our Children, Citizens, & Community

Since an early age, I recognized the importance of being involved in volunteering and giving back to the community. I have served in many roles within the different organizations that I have been employed with to assure that our children, our citizens and our community are educated on the dangers within our society and how to help not becoming a victim. I have made it my priority to stay involved within my community and the various fraternal and veterans’ organizations that are available to help those in need. I have for many years been a member of the following fraternal and veterans’ organizations while still active in many and still volunteering thousands of hours of service to those in need.

Memberships include the following:
National Rifle Association 
NRA Firearm Safety and Pistol Instructor
Deputy Representative for the 40/8 National Volunteer Services for Gainesville VA
Life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars
Disabled American Veterans life member, Treasurer and Veterans Service Officer 
Director, Secretary and treasurer of the American Legion Riders
Commander, 2nd Vice Commander and Veterans service officer of the American Legion 
Member of AMVETS
President of the Veterans Economic Development Center
Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary 
National Sous Director Box Car Director 40/8
Chef de Gare, Chef de Train, Conducteur of 40/8 Voiture 1219, Citrus County FL
Chef de Train, Conducteur, Garde de Laporte Commis Voyageur, 40/8 Grand du Florida
Awards and Youth Sports Director, 40/8 Grand du Florida
National Association of Retired Law Enforcement Officers
President /Vice President of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Inverness FL
Police Benevolent Association Union Representative & Officer
Officer and Member of the Fraternal Order of Police
Past VP, Community relations and Baseball Manager of Central Citrus Little League
Past Coach for Nature Coast Football, Lecanto FL
Member of the West Citrus Elks
Rotary Club
Keep Citrus Beautiful

Proven Military Service and Commitment to My Country 
Having the love for my country, I volunteered to serve America and joined the United States Army as a Military Policeman in 1981. I attended Basic Training and Military Police school at Ft. McClelland, Alabama, a distinguished and respected training academy that I would attend several times during my career. Courses I completed include: instruction on Military Police Investigations, Physical Security, Anti-terrorism and Senior Law enforcement training. My commitment and training not only allowed me to continue to gain knowledge and experience in the law enforcement field; it also allowed me to see the vast differences between civilian and military law enforcement.  

My military assignments as a 31.5-year military policeman, career enlisted Soldier, Non-commissioned officer and Senior enlisted advisor to Commanders, afforded me the opportunity to provide leadership to administratively manage, lead, supervise, train, introduce policy and hold accountable hundreds of service members under my immediate command. During my stellar career my assignments placed me at various duty stations to include but not limited to Ft. McClellan, AL (Home of the Military Police), Ft. Benning, GA (Home of the Infantry), Ft. Stewart, GA (Home of the 3rd ID and former 25th ID), Ft. Bragg, NC, (Home of the 82nd Airborne Division), Ft. Rucker, AL, (Army Aviation) Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, (MP, Engineer) Ft. Chafee, AR ( Maneuver Training Center), Otis Airforce Base, MA, Camp Atterbury, IN, Camp Shelby, MS, Camp Blanding, FL, Republic of the Philippines, Country of El Salvador and Saudi Arabia/ Iraq while serving with the 82nd Airborne Division during Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

During the Gulf war my squad under my leadership performed MP combat support operations including Law and Order, Battlefield circulation control (BCC), area security (AS) enemy prisoner of war operations (EPW), Route recon and surveillance and were tasked with the coordination and staging of the 82nd Airborne Division into our attack position prior to movement into Iraq for combat operations. While operating during Operation Desert Shield/Storm my responsibilities were to lead and supervise my squad during security, convoy and combat operations, route recon and surveillance operations, clearing of bunkers inhabited by Iraqi soldiers and the recovery of enemy weapon and ammunition caches.

I have personally assisted and trained over 15,000 service members preparing for combat in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the world. While serving I earned the respect of my Commanders and the Soldiers I served alongside. As I was reassigned or promoted into different military units, I excelled in my responsibilities and put my country and priorities of my superior officers and fellow service members first.

My military leadership assignments included being an Infantry Battalion Command Sergeant Major, Infantry and Military Police Battalion and Company First Sergeant, Battalion Operations and Intelligence Sergeant, Company Platoon Sergeant, Battalion Military Police Team NCOIC, Military Police Investigator (MPI) section Chief, MP Investigator (MPI)  Military Policeman (MP) , MP Squad leader, MP Team Leader, Unit Assistant and Advisor, Physical Security Specialist ,Anti-terrorism Manager, Training Instructor, Reflexive fire instructor, Movement on Urban Terrain and Building clearing instructor and Physical Security NCO.  

Civilian Law Enforcement Education and Training
Associates of Arts Degree
Bachelor’s Degree – Criminal Justice Summa Cum Laude
Master’s Degree – Management and Leadership
New York City Police Academy
Hillsborough Community College Corrections Academy
Pasco-Hernando Police Academy
Drug Enforcement Administration-Dangerous Drugs/Narcotic Course
Weapons of Mass Destruction Instructor Course (LSU)
Response to terrorism
Hostage Negotiations and Recovery
Narcotics Id and Investigation
Marijuana Eradication
Tactical Drug Operations
Police Supervision
Grant Writing
Managing the Accreditation Process
Pursuit Policy
Special Weapons and Tactics
Instructor Techniques
Defensive Tactics Instructor
Human Diversity Instructor
Expandable Baton Instructor
O/C Pepper Spray Instructor
Firearms Instructor
Use of Force Simulation Instructor
Field Training Officer
Middle Management
Building and maintaining a sound behavioral climate
Officer Discipline
Major Crimes Investigations
Criminal law
Injury and Death Investigation
Investigative Interviews
Lawful Raids
Officer Survival
Special Tactical Problems
Community Oriented Policing (COP)
Integrating COP and Problem Solving
Citizens, Officials and COPS
COPS and the Community
Preventing Crime in the Black Community

Military Education and Training Courses
• United States Army Basic Training
• Military Police School
• Military Police Investigations
• Basic/Primary Military Police
• Criminal Investigation
• Primary Leadership Development
• Basic Non-Commission Officer
• Advanced Non-Commission Officer - Commandant Lists
• Senior Law Enforcement Training
• Conventional Physical Security/Crime Prevention Course
• Anti-terrorism Manager
• First Sergeant
• Reflexive Fire Instructor
• Observer Controller Trainer
• Civilian Role Player Manager
• Combat Life saving

Awards, Recognition & Commendations
I have received numerous awards throughout my career and have been recognized and commended for my volunteer work, my work as a member of the United States Army and my work as a career law enforcement officer. The awards, recognition and commendations bestowed upon me were presented on behalf of General and staff officers of the United States Army, General and staff officers of the United States Airforce, Police Chief’s, Sheriffs, State Attorney’s office, Florida Department of law Enforcement, Federal Bureau of Investigations, local state and federal law enforcement officials, training institutions, citizens and my peers.
Recognition and awards are listed below:

• Florida Sheriff’s Association Distinguished Service Award
• Hillsborough Community College Correction Academy – Outstanding Academic Record
• Chief’s Medal of Valor
• Veterans Service Award
• Distinguished Conduct Award
• Special Campaign Award
• Florida Narcotics Association Narcotics Officer
• United States Secret Service -Commendation
• Federal Bureau of Investigations - Commendation
• 5th Judicial Circuit State Attorney -Commendation
• Drug Enforcement Administration – Student Award
• Gwinnett County, GA District Attorney’s Office
• Numerous Civilian and Law Enforcement Letters of Appreciation
• Numerous Recognition of Achievement from multiple County Sheriffs
• Numerous Recognition of Achievement from multiple Police Chiefs  
• Meritorious Service Award
• Army Commendation Award - (3)
• Army Achievement Awards - (9)
• National Defense Ribbon with 2 Bronze Stars
• Army Reserve Component Medal – 31 years
• Army Good Conduct Medal
• Non-Commission Development Ribbon - (Leadership Training)
• Kuwaiti Liberation Ribbon
• Overseas Training Ribbon - (2)
• First Sergeant Course Commandants List
• Numerous Certificates of Appreciation for Dedicated Service
• Brigade, Battalion and Company Commanders Letter of Achievement
• Military Leadership Awards presented by General and Staff Officers
• Central Citrus Little League Volunteer of the year
• American Legion Service Award
• Disabled American Veterans Award of recognition and service
• Voyageur of the Year 40/8 La Societe Locale
• Voyageur of the Year 40/8 La Societe Grand
• Voyageur of the Year 40/8 La Societe Nationale

A vote for me is a vote for:
  • A qualified person to uphold the duties and responsibilities of Sheriff
  • A community involved Sheriff
  • Equal protection for all citizens

Michael Klyap, Jr.

  • Born: July 6, 1960 in Brooklyn, New York
  • Citrus County Resident Since 1987
  • Currently lives in Beverly Hills, FL
  • Married with three children; two adult sons and one 14 year-old-son
Klyap for Sheriff 2016
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